War Horse
War Horse
General Historical Information
Place of origin Heaven
Category Vertebrata
Debut in FHSW v0.4
Speed +/- 60 km (without artillery)
Main armament Single Horse: See List
Group Horses: None
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Great Brittain
Crew in‑game 1
Transporting artillery Yes
Historical Picture
War Horses

For centuries, horses have been used for combat purposes: towing artillery and pulling carts, but also for attacking enemy in the role of cavalry. During the First World War, automotive warfare conquered the battlefield. At first it was the armored car. But soon in 1916 the first tanks appeared on the battlefield and on September 15, 1916 at Flers-Courcelette, British Mark I tanks attacked the Germans, though with little success. Following that attack, more and more tanks were appearing. Between June and July of 1917, the first self-propelled howitzer was produced, the Gun Carrier Mark I. After those vehicles, more and more new designs went into production and War Horses were disappearing more and more. However, some countries, like Germany, still used them for patrol and transport and the Japanese used them for towing artillery. In FHSW it can be used by nearly all countries. It is available with or without handweapons: rifles, submachineguns or anti-tank rifles. It can also be used for towing artillery, especially by Japan. We will try to make a list of available weapons below. But we can tell you, this list will be very long! The horse is a silent and popular transport. It is also invisible on the minimap, so it can be dangerous when your allies see you, but can't recognize you. Though you can quickly dismount and still be invisible, so you can take your enemies by surprise. However, the horse can be killed with one single shot from a hand gun. Single horses that don't tow any artillery, can also jump over objects.

Did You Know That?

- You can run with a Goliath and with a Polish TKS tankette inside houses? You can even drive on the stairs. This also applies for cavalry horses.

Weaponry Used by
Option 1 None  Different armies
Option 2 MP 18 Japan
Option 3 MP 40 Germany
Option 4 Mosin Nagant Carbine USSR
Option 5 PPSh-41 USSR
Option 6 Type 38 Carbine Japan
Option 7 Type 100 SMG Japan
Option 8 Mauser 98K Germany
Option 9 Kb ppanc wz.35 Poland
Option 10 Kbk wz.29 Poland
Option 11 Pm wz.39 Mors Poland
Option 12 Arisaka Type 38 Japan
Option 13
Option 14
Option 15
Option 16
Option 17
Option 18
Option 19

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