USS Spokane (CL-120)
USS Spokane
General information
Place of origin USA
Category Cruiser
Debut in FHSW v0.51
Class Juneau-class
Sister ships Juneau (CL-119)
Fresno (CL-121)
Used by USA
Speed 31.8 kn (58.9 km/h)
Crew in‑game 6
Seat 1
Primary weapon 6x Mk.XII 5"/38 caliber gun
Secondary weapon2x 40mm M1936 Twin Bofors
Seat 2
Primary weapon 6x Mk.XII 5"/38 caliber gun
Secondary weapon4x 40mm M1936 Twin Bofors
Seat 3
Primary weapon 2x 40mm M1936 Twin Bofors
Seat 4
Primary weapon 2x 40mm M1936 Twin Bofors
Seat 5
Primary weapon 2x 20mm Twin Oerlikon
Seat 6
Primary weapon 2x 20mm Twin Oerlikon
USS Spokane CL120

The USS Spokane (CL-120)was a United States Navy Juneau-class light cruiser laid down on 15 November 1944 at the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Kearny, New Jersey; launched on 22 September 1945, sponsored by Miss Patrice Munsel; and commissioned on 17 May 1946, with Captain L. E. Crist in command. Spokane shifted to Bayonne, New Jersey, and then to Brooklyn, New York, where she sailed on 24 June for Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, for her shakedown cruise and to conduct battle practice and weapons firing. She returned to New York on 11 September. The cruiser was assigned to the 2nd Fleet for duty in European waters, and sailed for Plymouth, England, on 7 October.

Spokane operated out of British ports until mid-January 1947. During her tour, she visited Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and Denmark. On 27 January, she stood out of Plymouth and proceeded to the United States via Portugal, Gibraltar, and Guantánamo Bay, where she participated in fleet exercises before arriving at Norfolk, Virginia, on 18 March. Following fleet and bombardment exercises in the Chesapeake Bay during the summer, she had a period of yard availability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard from 22 September to 14 October. The cruiser returned to Norfolk for Navy Day, 27 October, and then prepared for another deployment.

Spokane stood out of Norfolk on 29 October, and rendezvoused with other units of the 2nd Task Fleet for tactical exercises off Bermuda until 8 November, when she sailed for England. She arrived at Plymouth on 16 November, and was assigned to duty with Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. Four days later, the ship donned "full dress" in celebration of the marriage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Elizabeth of England. The cruiser visited Bremerhaven, Germany from 24–26 November, and returned to England for tactical operations. In February 1947, the ship called at Rotterdam, Netherlands, where she was visited by his Royal Highness Prince Bernhard on 17 February. On 1 March, Spokane stood out of Plymouth en route to the east coast, and arrived at Norfolk on 11 March. On 18 March, her designation was changed to CLAA-120.

Spokane's operations along the eastern seaboard during the remainder of the year were broken by an overhaul at the New York Navy Yard from 27 May-15 September. On 4 January 1949, the ship sortied with Philippine Sea and Manchester for the Mediterranean. On 25 January, at Athens, the cruiser was paid a royal visit by King Paul and Queen Fredrika of Greece. Spokane participated in war games with 6th Fleet units, and visited ports in Turkey, Italy, France, Sardinia, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria before returning to Norfolk on 23 May.

Spokane acted as a training ship for Naval Reserves of the 4th Naval District during the summer and then participated in training exercises in the Virginia Capes area.

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