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USS Southerland (DD-743)
USS Southerland
General information
Place of origin USA
Category Destroyer
Class Gearing Class
Sister ships USS Abner Read (DD-769)
USS Agerholm (DD-826)‎
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USS Unnamed (DD-855)
USS Unnamed (DD-856)
USS Unnamed (DD-891)
USS Unnamed (DD-926)
Used by USA
Speed 36.8 knots (68.2 km/h)
Seat 1
Primary weapon 4x 12.2 cm Mark 12 guns
Secondary weapon10x Depth Charges
Seat 2
Primary weapon 2x 12.2 cm Mark 12 guns
Secondary weapon1x 40mm M1936 Bofors quadruple (MK 12)
Seat 3
Primary weapon 5x 53.3 cm Mark 15 Toorpedo Tubes
Seat 4
Primary weapon 1x40mm M1936 Bofors Twin
1x 40mm M1936 Bofors quadruple (MK 12)
Seat 5
Primary weapon 1x40mm M1936 Bofors Twin
1x 40mm M1936 Bofors quadruple (MK 12)
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