The submarines of the U.S. Gato class formed along with the boats of the Balao and Tench class, the backbone of the U.S. submarine fleet in the second World War. The first ship of this series, the USS Gato (SS-212 Navy code), was launched in August 1941. The Gatos were the most advanced U.S. submarines at the beginning of the war and number of them have survived the countless dangerous and successful missions until the war ended. The Gatos were designed to cope with the vast distances of the Pacific without being dependent on supply ships.

When thinking about submarines of the second World War, the U-boat war in the Atlantic falls a really first one, when the Germans tried to cut off the supply of the Allies. But also in the Pacific both Japanese and American submarines played an important role. 50 percent of all Japanese shipping losses in the second World War II - a total of about 5 million gross tons of shipping - went to the account of American submarines.

USS GatoEdit

USS Gato (SS-212)
USS Gato class
General information
Place of origin USA
Category Submarine
Used by USA
Speed 21 knots (39 km/h) surfaced
10 knots (19 km/h) submerged
Seat 1
Primary weapon 6 x 6 53 cm Mark 14 Topedo Tubes
Secondary weapon12 53 cm Mark 14 Torpedo Tubes
Seat 2
Primary weapon 76.2 mm deck gun
Seat 3
Primary weapon 12.7 mm .50 M2HB Browning
Seat 4
Primary weapon 12.7 mm .50 M2HB Browning
USS Gato

In FHSW, the Gato is a constant and deadly threat to all enemy surface ships. Submerged it can only be discovered and attacked by the destroyer. Her invisibility is also Achilles heel: as water under the submarine is only half as fast, so it can escape his mortal enemy only with great difficulty, if once taken out of touch. Although Gato has top weapons whose use is rarely recommended because she is completely unprotected in surfaced state and is an easy target. As captain, you should avoid a change of position in the immersed state in any case, since the submarine then appears instantly.

Gato also has got a torpedo tube at the rear, with which one can fire a total of twelve torpedoes backwards, which provides space for tactical games. You can resupply torpedoes by going into the vicinity of a allied supply ship.

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