Type 97 Anti-Tank rifle
Kyuunana-shiki jidouhō
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Type Automatic Anti-Tank Rifle
Effective range 5,000 m
Rate of Fire 12 rounds/min (Semi)
25 rounds/min (Automatic)
Magazine 7 round detachable box magazine
Ammunition 20 x 125 mm AP
20 x 125 mm HE
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW v0.15
Used by Japan
Type 97 Anti-Tank rifle combat

The Type 97 Automatic Cannon, in Japanese 九七式自動砲 Kyuunana-shiki jidouhō, was a Japanese automatic anti-tank rifle. It had an automatic action which gave it a high rate of fire. On the downside the recoil from the large round was very violent. The gun could be fitted with a protective shield pushing the total weight up to 68 kg. The Ho-1 and Ho-3 automatic aircraft cannon were developed from the Type 97.

Rifle fires both AP and HE shells and armour penetration at 90 degrees is respectively 42 and 23 mm, which is enough to damage Sherman from rear and sides.

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