Type 96 LMG
Type 96 LMG
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Designer Kijiro Nambu
Manufacturer Kokura Arsenal
Nagoya Arsenal
Mukden Arsenal
Produced In 1936
Type LMG
Rate of Fire 450-500 rounds/min
Magazine 30 round detachable box magazine
Ammunition 6.5x50mm Arisaka
General Ingame Information
Used by Japan
Type 96 photo

The Japanese 6.5mm Type 96 LMG was introduced in 1936. A number of ideas were taken from the Czechoslovakian ZB 26 (an LMG design manufactured at the small arms factory in Brno, Czechoslovakia) and the Hotchkiss machine gun. The Type 96 LMG had a curved 30-round box magazine and a cyclic rate of 550 rpm. The reduced-power Meiji 30 cartridge produced a muzzle velocity of 730m/s/2,394ft/s; this cartridge should not have caused a feed problem but in fact the gun still needed an oil dispenser to ensure a smooth feed. The Type 96 had a quick-change barrel and drum or telescopic sights. It could be fitted with a Model 30 sword bayonet, although launching a bayonet charge carrying a 9kg/20lb LMG would have been rather challenging to slightly built Japanese soldiers.

Due to mounted scope, accurate fire on long distance is possible. Bayonet can't be used as it is only a decoration.

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