Type 4 Chi-To
Type 4 Chi-To
General Historical Information
Place of origin Empire of Japan
Category Medium Tank
Debut in FHSW v0.42
Retired in FHSW v0.5
Speed 45 km/h
Armour 12–75 millimeters (0.47–2.95 in)
Main armament Type 5 75 mm Tank Gun
Coaxial weapon Type 97 Light Machine Guns
General Ingame Information
Used by Japan
Crew in‑game 3
Seat 2 7.7mm Type 97 mg
Seat 3 7.7mm Type 97 mg
Historical Picture

The Type 4 Chi-To tank was an Easter egg tank found on the map Naichi.

The tank bears a resemblance to the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, but this tank is the Type 4 Chi-To and it is a much rarer tank in FHSW due to the fact that it only spawns on the map Naichi. It can be spotted in the tunnel, on the map on Dogg 1, until it was replaced by the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai with Type 5 mod 1 gun since v0.5. The tank is not marked on the map. After the USA capture all of the flags, this map should have (standard) at least four Chi-To tanks. This tank was one of several new medium tanks developed by the Imperial Japanese Army towards the end of World War II.

The Type 4 Chi-To was by far the most advanced Japanese tank to reach the production phase. The war ended before the Type 4 tank could even see combat, however, and only two were completed. This 30 ton all-welded medium tank, with a maximum armor thickness of about 75 millimetres on the frontal plates, was 6.32 m long (one roadwheel longer then the Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, 2.9 m high and 2.9 m wide. It had a crew of up to five men, (Main gunner, loader, commander, driver and MG gunner) the tracks were supported by seven road wheels. It was powered by a 412 horsepower Mitsubishi AL Type 4 37.7 litre air-cooled V12 diesel engine with supercharger, which was significantly more powerful than the Mitsubishi Type 100 V-12 diesel engine of the Type 3 Chi-Nu tank. This gave it a top speed of 45 km/h. The main armament consisted of a long-barreled 75mm Type 5 tank gun, which was based on the 75mm Type 88 AA Gun. The gun was mounted in a large, hexagonal turret. A single 7.7mm machine gun was mounted in the hull and in the backside of the turret like most Japanese tanks.

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