The Notoro class oiler (能登呂型給油艦 Notoro-gata kyūyukan?) was a class of seven oilers of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), serving during the 1920s and World War II. They were also called the Erimo class oiler (襟裳型給油艦 Erimo-gata kyūyukan), after the Notoro and the Shiretoko were converted to other ship types.


They were built under pre-Eight-eight fleet plans, the Eight-four fleet plan and the Eight-six fleet plan. All ships of the class were named after capes in Japan (e.g. Irō is a cape at the southern tip of Izu Peninsula).

Pre-war serviceEdit

The class devoted themselves to importing crude oil from North America and Southeast Asia. The Notoro and the Ondo class made 388 voyages carrying a total of 3,000,000 tons of oil up to 1941.

Service in the Pacific WarEdit

They were not able to accompany the fleet, because of their low speed. Instead they were engaged in a supply duties at naval bases.

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