General information
Date Summer 1944
Theatre Eastern Front
Belligerents Flag of Hungary 1940.svg Hungary vs Russia Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Game Type Conquest (Push Map)
Style Tanks/artillery
Flags Hungarian 1
Hungarian 2
Hungarian 3
Hungarian 4

During the revision in 1938-40-41, in the terriotries that Hungary got were fortified lines. With the experience of their investigation, the High-Command started to build a new fortified line in 1940 at the eastern border, in the Eastern-Carpathians on the ruins of its World War One predecessor. The mountains served as a natural stronghold, with less and tight passes, sticky downhills, with sometimes 2000 m height. The Soviet troops reached the line in summer 1944, and couldn\'t beat the undermanned and underarmed defenders (1. Hungarian Army along with German troops). In October as the 2nd Ukrainian front reached Debrecen, they had to retreat, because their supply lines were almost cut-off.

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