To-Go Railgun
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Type Anti-Tank Rail Gun
Effective range Maximum range: 500m
Effective range:
Magazine 1-round box
20 boxes total
Ammunition Possibly tungsten/depleted uranium projectile
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW ?
Used by Japan
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

This was a research project of secret Japanese Number Nine Research Laboratory (also called Noborito Laboratory) to develop a gun to give a shell high initial velocity and long range through electromagnetic power. Project was canceled.

To-Go Railgun is likely the most powerful anti-tank weapon ingame, e.q. it can destroy IS-2 with just one hit in frontal armor. But in charge of this, the weapon has a long reload time and leaves conspicuous trace for a few seconds after being fired, so that gun holder's position can be identified easily. Also, gun has some constant probability of self-destructing. Another thing to be noted is that this weapon deals less damage to the enemy or neutral vehicles.

The model of weapon itself is slightly modified version of PTRS one. Ingame, it can be found on map Battle over Hokkaido, where it spawns near the 47 mm AT Gun facing west on Japanese mainbase only when all flags are under Soviet control. Also, it can be found on map Alaska 1948 in the same tonnel, where Mini Panzer Fabrik is located.

Did You Know That?

Before v0.5, To-Go Railgun was an easter egg. But then it was revealed, and FHSWDevs had to made it less effective by significantly increasing reload time and adding tracer, as the gun was too overpowered.

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