The Great Pursuit
The great pursuit
General information
Date January 1945
Theatre Eastern Front
Belligerents Flag of Hungary 1940.svg Hungary vs Russia Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Game Type Conquest (Push Map)
Style Tanks/artillery
Flags Axis Base
1st Line North
1st Line Centre
1st Line South2nd Line North
2nd Line South

In January 1945, Stalin ordered his troops to hold Budapest at all costs, and two Army Corps that were dispatched to assault Budapest were hastily moved south of the city to counter the German offensive. Nevertheless, German troops along with Hungarian troops, who got to less than 20 kilometres from the city, were unable to maintain their offensive due to fatigue and supply issues.

Did You Know That?

Tank obstacles on The Great Pursuit map are destroyable.

The Great Pursuit on Soviet side, part 109:37

The Great Pursuit on Soviet side, part 1

The Great Pursuit on Soviet side, part 208:13

The Great Pursuit on Soviet side, part 2

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