T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.
General Historical Information
Place of origin USA
Category Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns
Debut in FHSW v0.55
Speed 56 km/h
Armour 7 - 25 mm
Main armament 6x 12.7 mm M2HB machine guns
(In total of 6000 rounds)
General Ingame Information
Used by USA
Crew in‑game 3
Seat 2 1x M1919A4 Browning
(250 rounds)
Seat 3 Passenger Seat
Seat 4 Passenger Seat
Seat 5 Passenger Seat
Historical Picture

During the war, the U.S. military has developed an anti-aircraft vehicle based on the M3 Half-track vehicle, such as a the M16 MGMC. After a few designs, they developed the M19 GMC on the M24 Chaffee chassis with two 40mm Twin Bofors M1936 AA guns. Another design was the T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage which first was designed for use on the M5 Stuart Light tank. But because they already had the M24 design ready, they designed for the M24 chassis and it was a very simple but strange design.

In July 1943, the Committee of the U.S. military weapons technology recommends the development of a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, which is based on light tank M24, equipped with heavy 12.7 mm M2HB machine guns. The T77. Request for four machine guns, they designed for six machine guns! In April 1944, two prototypes were presented and went in test in October. The year after, it went to Aberdeen Proving Ground for various tests. It was the M24 chassis equip with a new designed turret. A very strange conspicuous part are the two glass domes on the turret and are made for a better view on the battlefield and in the sky without danger the enemy throw grenades in the compartment. It never went into production.

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