Solothurn S-18/1100
Solothurn 1100
General Historical Information
Place of origin Switzerland
Type Automatic Anti-Tank Rifle
Effective range 100 m: penetrate 90° 40mm armor

300 m: penetrate 90° 35mm armor

Magazine 10 rounds
Ammunition 20 mm x 138 mm AP/HE
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Scope 2.5X telescopic sight
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The Solothurn S-18/1100 Anti-Tank rifle was a Swiss anti-tank rifle used during the Second World War, and was a variant of the S-18/1000 with modifications for automatic fire. Being the first rifle between the Solothurn anti-tank rifles to have been equipped with a select-fire option, the S18-1100 was offered to some buying countries (such as Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland) as an "Universal Weapon" usable both as anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapon. As a result of its large, powerful ammunition the gun had a tremendous recoil, and its size made portability difficult. The Solothurn firearms company was owned by the German firm Rheinmetall, and used the Swiss company to manufacture arms which were prohibited for manufacture by any German firm, to get around arms limitations imposed upon them at the end of the first World War.
The weapon prove ingame to be a excellent anti-tank rifle against light and medium tanks. But also against aircrafts (with some training) and againts infantry, the weapon is an excellent killer! You can not choose the fire stand (always automatic) but you can choose between AP rounds or HE rounds. The weapon have a bipod wich you also can use with both type off rounds. Sometimes you can find the rifle's with a 2.5X telescopic sight, but they are very rare ingame.