Semovente 75/34Edit

Semovente 75/34
Semovente 75-34
General Historical Information
Place of origin Italy
Category Assault Gun
Speed 40 km/h
Main armament 75 mm L34 gun
General Ingame Information
Used by Italy
Crew in‑game 2
Seat 2 8 mm Breda 38
Historical Picture
Semovente75 34

The Semovente 75/34 was an improved design of the Semovente M41 da 75/18 based on the M14/41 medium tank. It was armed with a new 75/34 gun in a lengthened fighting compartment. Being based on the M15/42 hull, it had a more powerful engine, but was slightly longer. The design was completed by late 1942 and Fiat Ansaldo began full-scale production in 1943. They had produced 190 by September 1943 when Italy surrendered.

With the British and Commonwealth forces pushed across the border into Egypt at El Alamein, the Regio Esercito rushed early prototypes of the Semovente 75/34 to the desert to help deliver the final blow to the Allies. Mechanical problems with the new engine and the 75/34 gun mounting delayed large-scale deployment until the fighting retreat westward to Tunisia.

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