Semovente 75/18
Semovente 75-18
General Historical Information
Place of origin Italy
Category Self-propelled AT gun
Speed 32km/h
Main armament 75 mm Obice da 75/18 modello 34
General Ingame Information
Used by Italy
Crew in‑game 2
Seat 2 8 mm Breda 38
Historical Picture

The first Italian self-propelled gun, the Semovente M41 da 75/18 based on the M14/41 medium tank, was introduced in late 1941. This provided the field artillery with both mobility and protection. Mounting the short-barrelled 75mm L/18 howitzer, it was used with great success in the Desert where it supported the medium tanks with accurate long-range supporting fire. In the course of production the chassis design has been amended several times to increase the engine power and to improve reliability. After the Italian surrender in 1943, 123 Semovente 75/18 were seized by the Germans and they continued production of another 55.

The necessity for a longer and more powerful gun led to the development of the Semovente 75/34, 75/46 and SPGs.

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