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Schnellboots were also called S-Boot or E-Boat by the Allies. They emerged from the North Sea mist, launched their torpedos and disappeared just as quickly. They were sometimes called the "Greyhounds of the Sea". Before the beginning of World War II the Friedrich Lьrssen shipyard, in Vegesack, Germany, carried out much pioneering work and developed a fast, seaworthy speedboat (Schnellboot) under the guise of pleasure craft that were capable of top speed even in heavy seas, these boats had brilliant manoeuvrability and the torpedo boats that came from these developments were so successful that they were built until the end of the war without major modifications. These torpedo speedboats, also called S-Boats or E-Boats, generally proved their worth on escort and security missions, sea reconnaissance, mine laying and in particular in combat against enemy submarines and surface craft. They operated primarily off the Dutch and French coasts, along the English coast and in the English Channel, North Sea, Baltic and were also used in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The ultimate variant to be operational in significant numbers was the so called Schnellboot type S-100, which was produced from 1943 onwards and is reputed to be the best fast patrol boat of its time. S-100 boats featured a much higher forecastle as well as the kalotte bridge and enclosed torpedo tubes and proved to be very well adapted for use in heavy sea's.

In late July and early August of 1945, future US president John F. Kennedy visited defeated Germany with US Navy Secretary James Forrestal. As a former PT boat captain, he was naturally interested in the German counterpart so he made a point of carefully inspecting an intact "E-Boat" at Bremen. Kennedy's diary records his conclusion: the Schnellboot was "far superior to our PT boat".


Schnellboot S-29
General information
Place of origin Germany
Category Assault boat
Debut in FHSW Debut in FH Mod
Used by Germany
Speed 39 knots (72 km/h)
Crew in‑game 3
Seat 1
Primary weapon 1x 53.3cm Tube (2 torpedoes)
Secondary weapon1x 53.3cm Tube (2 torpedoes)
Seat 2
Primary weapon 1x 2 cm SKC/30
Seat 3
Primary weapon 1x 3.7 cm Flak 42
Schnellboot S-28

It was built in 1940 and belonged to the 1. SFltl group. On 28th April of 1941, it attacked a convoy of 57 ships. "S 26" and "S 29" believed to have sunk three ships with a total of 9.500 BRT, one of them was the British freight steamer "Ambrose Fleming" (1555 BRT). On 29th March of 1943 it collided with the British MGB 333 in southern Northsea and was scuttled.



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