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Sampan, a.k.a. kolek, small wooden boat, skiff, a canoe-like coastal craft usually propelled by oars or motors. Also known as Chinese shoe-boats, it is a common native craft sometimes with a sail, used for fishing and short range transportation. The word originates from the Chinese word sanpan meaning "boat"; san means "three", pan means "board". It is also spelt champana, champan, sampane, siampan, sampaan, and sampang. Used all over the Asian region, it was once seen in great numbers at the Singapore River, until 1983. Now, only a few remain. Others still can be seen in the coastal areas of mainland Singapore and the surrounding islands.

Harbor SampanEdit

Harbor Sampan
Harbor Sampan
General information
Place of origin Southeast Asia
Category Boat
Debut in FHSW Debut in FH mod
Used by Japan
Crew in‑game 2
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

Harbor Sampan is an extremely slow-moving, unarmed and small, powered by motor.

Big SampanEdit

Big Sampan
Sampan Big
General information
Place of origin Japan
Category Armed boat
Debut in FHSW Debut in FH mod
Used by Japan
Crew in‑game 4
Seat 1
Primary weapon Driver
Seat 2
Primary weapon 7,7-mm Type 99 LMG
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

Long sampan, armed with three 7.7 mm Type 99 LMG.

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