The effects between the ammunition variation (Vehicle)Edit

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How to switch from ammunition? (Vehicle)Edit

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Infantry Tricks

  • AT: AT stands for Anti-Tank and is a specialized explosive device to defeat heavily armored targets.
  • AP: AP stands for Armor-Piercing and its a grenade designed to penetrate armor.
  • HE: HE stands for High-Explosions, for using against light unarmored vehicles and more against infantry. This grenade make a big blast when hit the target or any other object. When an enemy hide behind a wall, try to hit an object where is no prtection between the object and the target. Example: the target is inside the house. Shoot into the house and the blast will kill all targets inside the room where you hit.
  • HEAT: HEAT stands for High-Explosions-Anti-Tank, for using against armored vehicles and infantry.
  • Signal: for using for give a signal to others.
  • Smoke: smoke screen
  • HE Timed: High-Explosions GTimed, for using against light vehicles and more against infantry with delay fuse (explode after a few seconds).
  • Marker: using for mark a target with a smoke signal.
  • Flare: for using to give light during night battles.

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