BF1942 2012-04-14 20-45-55-65
This is the Regelbau S 262 bunker, of which 3 were built at the famous Batterie Lindemann. The bunkers housed a 40.6 cm SK C/34 naval cannon in an armoured turret. First it was named Batterie Grossdeutschland but it got switched to Lindemann. It was named after Ernst Lindemann, the captain of the sunken Bismark. This battery was a beloved place for propaganda photographers, so it can be found in many magazines. Not many batteries were more famous than Lindemann.

In FHSW in the map Gold Beach-1944, you can find one Turm. We will just named it Turm I. It got a naval gun. More to the east, you can find a M 272 bunker with a TbtsK C/36.

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