General information
Status Active
Date 10–17 July 1943
Theatre Eastern Front
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs USSR Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Tank Battle
Flags Hill 317
2nd Tank Corps
3rd SS Division Secondary
18th Tank Corps

When the German II SS Panzer Corps meet the Russian Steppe Front on the landscapes of Prokhorovka, one of the biggest tank battles of World War Two will breaks out! More then 500 tanks, more then 20.000 man and a lot of artillery and aircrafts will search and destroy the enemy on the hilly landscapes. Your goal is to capture and defend all flags on the battlefield! If you don't? You can be defeated!

Did You Know That?

There is one or more bridges on this map that can be destroyed? If you destroy them, you can possibly avoid a tank rush from the flank where the bridge is destroyed. Use all your guns or bombers to destroy the bridge!.

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