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Under Construction!!! This list is not completed!

Pistols and revolversEdit

Enfield No.2 Mk I No2
Ruby Ruby

Rifles and carbinesEdit

Kbk wz.29 Wz29rifle
Kbsp wz.38M [[File:|No image]]
Rkm wz.28 Rkmwz38
Mauser 98K(Resistance) K98
Gewehr 43 (Resistance) G43
35M Puska (Resistance) 35m

Submachine gunsEdit

Pm wz.39 Mors Wz39mors
Sten Mk II (Resistance) Sten Mk.II
MP 40 (Resistance) Mp401

Machine gunsEdit

Ckm wz.30 Wz30
DP-28 (Resistance) Dp28
MG 30 (Resistance) 31m
MG 34 (Resistance) Mg34

Anti-Tank weaponsEdit

Kb ppanc wz.35 Wz35
PIAT (Resistance) PIAT
Panzerfaust 30 (Resistance) Pz30

Incendiary weaponsEdit

Rifle Grenade [[File:|No image]]
Defensive Grenade wz.24 Wz24
Stielhandgranate 24 (Resistance) Big2

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