Panzerfaust 250
Panzerfaust 250
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Type Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Effective range 250 metres
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
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It quickly became known that the weakness of the Panzerfaust was that it was disposable, therefore being a waste of materials. When the soldier carried two sets of ammunition, he was forced to carry two launchers, increasing overall weight. It was not a big problem with the early and small Faustpatrone, but it became more serious for newer and heavier Panzerfausts like the Panzerfaust 150. So a reloadable Panzerfaust was planned. The base of development was the Panzerfaust 150, but to make it able to be re-fired, its firing mechanism was totally remodelled. The result was named the Panzerfaust 250', 'which was the last development of the Panzerfaust-series. It used a reloadable tube and now featured a pistol grip. With propellants in both the firing tube and on the projectile itself it was projected to reach a projectile speed of 150 m/s (490 fps). To use propellant energy fully, a venturi tube was attached to its back-end. A pistol grip was also adopted. The range rose up to 250 metres.

Serial production was scheduled to begin in September 1945. However, the development of this weapon never got completed and not a single one was produced.

In-game you can hit a stationary vehicle on Alpenfestung from the church hill to the bridge flag!