General information
Status Active
Date September 20, 1944
Theatre West Europe
Operation Market Garden
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs USA Flag of the United States.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Infantry vs Tanks
Flags The Last Hold
At the Churgh
The Nest

September 20, 1944, Operation Market Garden, the British XXX. Corps and the US Airborne Division under the command of General Taylor are on their way from Eindhoven to Arnhem in The Netherlands. The Allied Objectives are to secure the village of Nuenen and to drive the defending Germans back. Combined with infantry and tanks, you´ll be successful as the Allies. Infantry should scout where the German tanks are. Germans, don´t be too offensive! An ambush is a good option. This map is based on the Band of Brothers Series: Episode 4 "Replacements".

Template:Western Front

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