Nambu Type 94
Kyūyon-Shiki Kenjū
Nambu Type 94
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Designer Kijirō Nambu
Manufacturer Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company
Produced In 1934 - 1945
Type Pistol
Magazine 6 round detachable box magazine
Ammunition 8x22mm Nambu
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW Unknow
Used by Japan

The Nambu Type 94 8 mm Pistol was a small and light-weight (1 pound 11 ounces) semi-automatic pistol, produced in large numbers by Japan prior to and during World War II.
Designed by Kijirō Nambu, the pistol entered production in 1934 at the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company. Originally marketed commercially, it is sometimes said to have been developed as a compact pistol intended for pilots, air crews, and tank crews because it was thought that the Type 14 Nambu Pistol was too large. As such, it was meant to be replaced in IJA service. Indeed, the Type 14 was more than 14mm longer than Colt M1911A1. The pistol, which had plastic grips rather than the horn or wood grips of the Type 14, was developed for cheap mass-production, but modifications increased its cost.
Large numbers of the Type 94 were produced for military use. Records were lost during World War II, but it is believed that over 72,000 Type 94 pistols were manufactured. As with most weapons produced by the Axis, quality diminished greatly during the last stages of the war.
The Type 94 used the same 8x22mm Nambu (.315 inch) ammunition as the Type 14 and was easier to load, having a much stronger firing mechanism to reduce misfires. The gun became notorious for a design flaw that allowed it to be fired with a round in the chamber by pressing the exposed trigger bar on the left-hand side of the receiver. When the safety was engaged this was not a danger. The Type 94 was an unusual design that could often be unsafe, but it served the Japanese military throughout World War II.

Source: Wikipedia

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