Nambu Type 14
Nanbu ōgata jidou-kenjuu
Nambu Type 14
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Designer Kijirō Nambu
Manufacturer Tokyo Artillery Arsenal
Produced In 1925–1945
Type Semi-automatic Pistol
Effective range 50 m
Magazine 8 round box
Ammunition 8x22mm Nambu
General Ingame Information
Used by Japan

The Nambu pistol saw extensive service during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. The Type 14 was an improved version of the Type A Nambu. As many as 400,000 Type 14s were possibly produced.

About 400.000 units were produced.

The "Type 14 Nambu" was designed in 1925 with the goal of simplifying manufacturing to reduce cost. It was officially adopted for issue to non-commissioned officers in the Japanese Army in 1927 and was available for purchase by officers. Most Type 14s are marked with the month and year of production according to the year of Emperor Hirohito with his reign name abbreviated Sho from Showa left of the stamped date.

Later production models are distinguished by an enlarged, oblong trigger guard (which was introduced after Japanese soldiers reported difficulty in accessing the trigger while wearing gloves in Manchuria) and sometimes have a knurled steel cocking knob instead of the standard "slotted" cocking knob. An auxiliary magazine spring was added from mid-1940 to retain the magazine and aid the magazine follower. The safety is a level on the left side and locks the barrel and barrel extension as well as stopping the sear from moving.[15] A redesigned cocking knob was implemented in 1944 in order to simplify production. The Type 14 also lacks the grip safety used on the previous models. The Type 14 could be equipped with the Type 90 tear gas grenade with use of a special attachment.

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