Mle 1914 Hotchkiss
Mle 1914 Hotchkiss
General Historical Information
Place of origin France
Type Machinegun
Effective range 4300 metres
Rate of Fire 450 round/min
Magazine 24 round strip
Ammunition 8 x 50 mm R Lebel
General Ingame Information
Used by France
Used in vehicles Renault FT-17

The Modèle 1914 Hotchkiss, was a French machine gun that was used by the French, Belgian, Brazilian, Japanese, American, Mexican, Spanish, Norwegian and Polish army during the First World War and still used by a few country's during World War Two. Durinbg the outbreak of World War One, the French army was equiped with Mle 1907 St. Etienne machine guns, but they were a lot of problems with the machiengun and they were replaced by the Hotchkiss. The Hotchkiss was quickly produced in large numbers, that the deficit of the French army had to supplement because the St. Etienne machine guns now were sent to Italy, wich had a great lack of guns. The air cooled machiengun weights 24.5 kg. It was a very reliable machine, with the only disadvantage that the warehouse - a comic - consisted of 24 Lebelpatronen (8 mm) so that the high rate of fire could not pick and had a range of up to 4300 meters. From 1917, also made use of a metal belt with 250 rounds. The Hotchkiss was deployed during the First and Second World War by the French army. It was also used in the French and British tanks during World War One but also on French aircrafts during World War One. The Hotchkiss was used until 1945. The Japanese Type 92 Nambu machinegun was based on this design. 

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