Macchi C.202 "Folgore"
General Historical Information
Place of origin Italy
Designer Mario Castoldi
Manufacturer Macchi Aeronautica
Produced In November 1941 - ?
Speed 595 km/h
Category Fighter
General Ingame Information
Debut Debut in FH mod
Used by Italy
Crew in‑game 1
Guns - 2 × 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT MG's
(900 HE + APT rounds)
- 2 x 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT MG's
(900 T+Ball rounds)
Historical Picture

The Macchi C.202 Folgore was the best fighter fielded in significant numbers by the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force or RA) during World War II. This airplane demonstrated that Italy could design and build fighter aircraft to world-class standards.

The Macchi C202 Folgore -'Thunderbolt' - represented a modification of the C.200 "Saeta" by the fitting of an in-line 1,200 hp Daimler Benz DB 601 A-l engine supplied by the Germans as a private venture. The results were impressive. Flat out, the Folgore was almost 97 kph (60 mph) faster than the Saeta's speed of 502 kph (312 mph). Initial deliveries of production aircraft were made in November 1941 to units operating in Libya. The Folgore also took part in action against Malta and Allied convoys in the Mediterranean and in September 1942, was deployed in some numbers on the Eastern Front. They played a significant role in the defense of Sicily and southern Italy against bombing attacks launched by the USAF, but were less effective as attrition had reduced the total number available. Production ceased in 1943 and some 1,500 were built.

Ingame, this fighter can be found on Tobruk and Battle of Gela maps.

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