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Mp3008 1


General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Produced In Germany
Type Subachine gun
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW 0.42
Used by Germany
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

The 9 mm MP 3008 (Maschinenpistole 3008), also known as Volks-MP.3008 and Gerät Neumunster was a German substitute standard submachine gun manufactured toward the end of World War II in early 1945. Also known as the Volksmaschinenpistole ("people's submachine gun"), the weapon was closely based on the Sten MKII submachine gu n, except for its vertical magazine; some had additional pistol grips. The MP 3008 was an emergency measure, designed at a time when Germany was at the point of collapse. Desperately short of raw materials, the Germans sought to produce a radically cheaper alternative to their standard submachine gun, the MP 40. About 28,000 were made.

And its design was based in the captured english submachine guns Sten Mk.V .


This weapon is available in the Alpenfestung map as a spawn kit.

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