M1941 Johnson LMG
M1941 Johnson LMG
General Historical Information
Place of origin USA
Designer Melvin Johnson
Manufacturer Cranston Arms Company
Produced In 1940–1945
Type Machine gun
Rate of Fire 400 round/min variable
Magazine 25-round, single stack-column detachable box magazine
Ammunition .30-06 Springfield
General Ingame Information
Used by USA
Poland (Resistance)
Johnson LMG

The M1941 LMG was designed in 1940 by the Marine Corps Reserve Col. Melvin M. Johnson. After the unsuccessful M1941 Johnson Rifle, Cpt. Melvin Johnson's goal was to create a better semi-automatic weapon. The development that followed resulted in the M1941 Johnson Machine Gun, which was different from many other machine guns because it was recoil operated, not gas operated like many other machine guns. Two versions of the Johnson existed in the form of the aforementioned M1941 and the newer M1944. Each differed from one another in that the M1941 was fielded with a wooden butt and folding bipod assembly. The M1944 featured a monopod in place of the bipod along with a more tubular butt with a buttplate. Both were mechanically the same but offered up differences in handling.

Unfortunately for Cpt. Melvin Johnson, his machine gun had the same fate as its counterpart, failure. However, despite being rejected, it was still used in combat. It was used in the Pacific Theater but it was prone to jamming after extended use. These kind of drawbacks didn't allow the Johnson to be as successful as other light machine guns.

Ingame, this LMG can be found in airborne pick-up kits on Pacific maps, such as Battle of Edson's Ridge, Guadalcanal, Naichi-1945 and Wake Night, but also on Remagen and Warsaw Uprising maps.