LST-1 Class
LST-1 Class
General information
Place of origin USA
Category Landing Craft Tank
Debut in FHSW 0.55
Class LST-1 Class
Used by USA
Speed 22 km/h

The LST-1 was an American Landing Ship for Tanks (an LST), built during the Second World War. This ship with the type of Landing Ship, Tank Mk.2, was the lead for her class about 390 ships. She was laid down on 20 July 1942 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the Dravo Corporation and was launched on 7 September 1942. She was commissioned on 14 December 1942 with Lieutenant W. L. Chessman in command. She took part of many European landings like the landing on Sicily, Anzio, Salerno and Normandy. She survived the war and was decommissioned on 21 May 1946.

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