LG Cloche
LG Clouche
General Historical Information
Place of origin: France
Category: Mortar turret
Used by:


Passengers: 1
Calibre: 50 mm
Specially designed bunker: Yes
Historical Picture
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

The LG cloche has a somewhat strange history, for it never received the armament it was designed for. The original plan was to install a Brandt 60mm mortar (model 1931), but because of development problems, it was never produced. The intention was to replace it with the 50mm mortar model 1935, which was already in service. Despite the intention, this weapon was never delivered for the purpose of equipping the LG cloches.

This proved to be a major disadvantage in some cases during the fighting in 1940. The LG clouche was specifically designed to cover dead ground in the immediate vicinity of it’s position. This could be the block it was build into, or surrounding fighting positions.

The cloche was very hard to spot from a distance and virtually invulnerable to gunfire, because of the fact that it was almost completely embedded in concrete. A very small part of this cloche was exposed to the naked eye, and allowed a mortar crew to fire their weapon (under an angle of 55 to 90 degrees) through a hole in the top. However, one could speculate about the effect of an air burst or shrapnell grenade.

LG refers to Lance-Grenade (grenade launcher).

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