Leuchtpistole 34
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH
Type Flare gun
Ammunition Smoke
Marker (red color)
Signal 40 (GewehrPanzergranate 40) 61 (GewehrPanzergranate 61)
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany

The Leuchtpistole 34 was a German flare gun introduced into service in 1928 by the Walther company. It featured a relatively simple design with a 27mm, smooth bore barrel, a break-action breech, and it soon became the standard signal device of the German armed forces. However, German engineers soon realized what the potential the Leuchtpistole had for other uses. A rifled, 23mm insert barrel was used to fire a variety of flare and explosive ammunition, and the weapon became known as the Kampfpistole or "combat pistol".

This variant was capable of firing, amongst other things, a hand-grenade that was attached to a long wooden stick.

Did You Know That?

You can kill a enemy with the Kampfpistole with all rounds, except flare. Even with a signal and a marker round, you could kill someone! With the Flare, you can not kill someone!

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