Kakazu Ridge
Kakazu Ridge
General information
Date April 8, 1945
Theatre Pacific
(Battle of Okinawa)
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs USA Flag of the United States.svg
Game Type Conquest (Push Map)
Style Fortification vs Tank battle
Flags Kakazu West (Flag 1)
Kakazu Ridge (Flag 2)
Kakazu Village (Flag 3)

Kakazu Ridge are two hills in Okinawa wich are been connected and forms Shuri's outer defenses with bunkers, pillboxes and infamous ants nests with deep long tunnels wich the Japanese have built in hills. Those deadly fortifications are so invisble in the landscape, they can mount a lot of machineguns, anti-tank guns and a hundrends bloodthirsty Japanese soldiers wich not afraid of death.
Between the hill and the Americans at the south, a big flat No man's land are between them, with a small destroyed village, the only cover the Americans have, and a river wich separating the hill with Japanese troops and the No man's land and can only been cross via one bridge or via the water.
Its April 8th,1945 and the Americans launch an attack on the ridge. With support of artillery, the American amphibious vehicles attacking the ridge to capture first the western fortifications. Meanwhile the Japanese defend the ridge against the attackers with anti-tank gun, anti-aircraft guns, howitzers, mortars and handweapons, without any help from tanks or the air forces. The Americans may have tanks, they need to be careful when they cross the rice fields. There could be hiden Japanese suicide bombers waiting for the tanks. And troops should bether be careful for hiden snipers on the ridge. When the Americans capture the western fortification, they focus now to the east for capture this fortification and also to the north to defend the fort against Japanese attackers from the village behind. After this fortification have been captured, the Americans will now launch an attack to the village with hiden Japanese soldiers with anti-tank handweapons like anti-tank rifles, mines and rocket launchers. One step to win the battle, but the last step will been bloody!
This map is a Conquest Push Map. There are only 3 flags to taken. Only the Americans have vehicles and a Mainbase.