Klyushin Il-4
Ilyusha Il-4 "Bob"
Ilyushin IL-4
General Historical Information
Place of origin USSR
Speed 332 km/h
Category Long-Range Bomber
General Ingame Information
Debut v0.5
Used by USSR
Bombs See table
Rockets See table
Seat 2 See table
Seat 3 See table
Seat 4 See table
Historical Picture

One of the great bombers of the war which can be termed as a “Forgotten Aircraft”, the Ilyushin IL-4 (Cyrillic Илью́шин Ил-4, NATO reporting name: "Bob") was overshadowed in Western thinking by the British and American aircraft.In spite of this, well over 5,000 IL-4s were produced between 1937 and 1944. The system was a commendably success. Its design was sound although a poor defensive armament array ultimately led to high and unacceptable losses to the extent that production was completed by 1944. Still, IL-4 and were widely used in the final stage of the war. Thus, during the Berlin operation they dropped on targets more than 3000 tons bomb for only 6 days. In August 1945, IL-4 bombed units of the Kwantung Army, the Japanese ships in the ports and bases in North Korea, in the Sea of ​​Japan and the La Perouse Strait. Also, there were some variants of this plane, such as torpedo bomber IL-4T, capable of carrying one 940 kg torpedo, and surveillance plane IL-4 "aerophoto".


Seat 1 (Left Click)
Seat 1 (Right Click)
Seat 2 -3 - 4
Option 1
10x 100 kg bombs
2 × 305mm BETAB-750DS rockets
12.7mm Berezin UBT Mg
Option 2
1x  45cm 45-36AN
12.7mm Berezin UBT Mg
Option 3
10x 100 kg bombs
3x 500 kg bombs
12.7mm Berezin UBT Mg
Option 4
10x 100 kg bombs
10x VAP 500 Napalm Bombs
12.7mm Berezin UBT Mg

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