Зверобой (Zveroboy)
General Historical Information
Place of origin Soviet Union
Category Assault gun
Debut in FHSW v0.4
Speed 37 km/h
Armour ISU152armour
Main armament 152 mm ML-20S
General Ingame Information
Used by Soviet Union
Crew in‑game 2
Ammunition ↑ APHE
↓ HE
Seat 2 12.7 mm MG DShK 38
20 x 50 rounds
Historical Picture

The ISU-152 was a Soviet multirole fully enclosed and armored assault gun and tank destroyer developed and used during World War II, with a subsequent use, mainly in the Soviet military, until the 1970s and it was the successor of the SU-152.

The ISU-152 self-propelled gun combined three battle roles : heavy assault gun, heavy tank destroyer and heavy self-propelled artillery. The 152.4 mm gun used a number of powerful (shell and charge) ammunition. The ISU-152 was used for infantry and tank support, and attack on fortified positions in a direct fire role, for support on the battlefield in an indirect fire role, and for fight against tanks with a direct fire. The ISU-152 in FHSW has like the real tank two purposes, load the APHE shells to play the tank killer or HE to clear infantry nests. With the HE rounds you can also penetrate walls to kill hiding infantry, use this to your advantage. In tank combat take into account that the reload time is pretty high so you have to be very accurate with your shots. Otherwise you'll give away your position and your enemy can kill you before you get your second shot off. The heavy shells drop down really fast so it takes some practice to shoot accurate over great distances. The 12.7 mm MG DShK 38 machinegun on the roof, protect you against attacking enemy's and aircrafts.

Did You Know That?

The White Cross on the roof and white stripes on the Soviet tanks on the end of the war, was to differentiate their vehicles from the Western Allies. Only in Berlin the stripes never be used. Later that war, vehicles in Berlin are be painted with a white triangle, after the Germans use the white stripes on their tanks to escape Berlin via the West. So that the Western troops could still distinguish between German and Soviet tanks.

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