Objekt 250
General Historical Information
Place of origin USSR
Category Self-Propelled gun
Tank Destroyer
Debut in FHSW v0.4
Speed 40 km/h
Armour Isu122 armor
Main armament 130mm S-26 (25 rounds)
General Ingame Information
Used by USSR
Crew in‑game 2
Ammunition ↑ AP
↓ HE
Seat 2 12.7 mm MG DShK 38
20 x 50 rounds
Seat 3 Passenger Seat
Seat 4 Passenger Seat
Historical Picture
ISU-130 real

The prototype from the ISU-130 was nconstructed in 1944 as the Object 250. It was an ISU-122S or ISU-152 with a longer 130mm modified B-13 gun, know as the S-26. It went in his test fase in October, November and December 1944. Based on the results of tests it was decided to return to complete barreled weapons. After that, more modifications took place included a 130mm S-26-1 gun. By comparing the properties of the type of ISU-122BM equipped with a 122 mm B-7 gun was found that their effect on armored target is the same, but the introduction of another type of gauge may be problems with the supply of ammunition. This, together with the end of the war caused the type not to be incorporated into service.

Did You Know That?

The White Cross on the roof and white stripes on the Soviet tanks on the end of the war, was to differentiate their vehicles from the Western Allies. Only in Berlin the stripes never be used. Later that war, vehicles in Berlin are be painted with a white triangle, after the Germans use the white stripes on their tanks to escape Berlin via the West. So that the Western troops could still distinguish between German and Soviet tanks.

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