Japanese aircraft carrier shokaku 1941
A total of four ships of the Shokaku class were planned, but only two have been completed: the Shokaku (launched June 1939) and the Zuikaku (launched November 1939). The ships were very similar and differed mainly in the configuration of their anti-aircraft weapons.
IJN Shōkaku
IJN Shokaku
General information
Place of origin Japan
Category Aircraft Carrier
Class Shōkaku class
Sister ships Zuikaku
Used by Japan
Speed 64 km/h
Crew in‑game 5
Special abilities Radar
Alarm bells
Seat 1
Primary weapon Captain of the Ship
Secondary weapon4 x 12,7-cm-L/40 Type 89
Seat 2
Primary weapon 6 x 25-mm-L/60 Typ 96
Secondary weapon4 x 12,7-cm-L/40 Type 89
Seat 3
Primary weapon 6 x 25-mm-L/60 Typ 96
Secondary weapon 6 x 25-mm-L/60 Typ 96
Seat 4
Primary weapon 4 x 12,7-cm-L/40 Type 89
Secondary weapon 6 x 25-mm-L/60 Typ 96
Seat 5
Primary weapon 4 x 12,7-cm-L/40 Type 89
Secondary weapon 6 x 25-mm-L/60 Typ 96
IJN Shōkaku

The Shokaku (Japanese: 翔鶴 "Flying Crane") was laid down at Yokosuka Dockyard on 12 December 1937, launched on 1 June 1939. During the war she formed the 5th Aircraft Carrier Division with her sister ship. In December 1941, she took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor. In May 1942, it was damaged during the Battle of the Coral Sea by bombs and fell for further operations from first. In August 1942, she was involved in the Battle of the Eastern Solomon Islands, followed by the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in October. In June 1944 she was in the wake of the Battle of the Philippine Sea and on June 19 it was sunk by submarine Cavalla with several torpedo hits.


In Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons the Shokaku and the Zuikaku are both ships of Shokaku-class. The difference is in the names, weaponry and models are the same. Instead of the main game very unrealistic weaponry with Bofors anti-aircraft guns each position now receives 4 12.7-mm guns and 6 25 mm, so they are much better prepared against medium and heavy bombers. However, guns can fire only anti-aircraft shells, so bombardment of enemy ships remains ineffective. Also, those ships somewhat more detailed textures comparing to original game.

Since aircraft in FHSW usually resupply back at the airfield or aircraft carrier after a bomb attack, carriers are even more important than in the main game. They should therefore always be in the vicinity. So, for example, bombers can realod faster and you obtain a tactical advantage.

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