IJN Ōyodo
IJN Ōyodo
General information
Place of origin Japan
Category Light Cruiser
Debut in FHSW v0.5
Class Ōyodo-Class
Sister ships IJN Niyodo
Used by Japan
Speed 35 knots (64 km/h)
Crew in‑game 6
Aircrafts 1x F1M2 "Rei-Kan/Pete" or
1x Mitsubishi A6M5c "Zero"
Special abilities Can be an objective-map target
Seat 1
Primary weapon 3x 15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type
Secondary weapon3x 15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type
Seat 2
Primary weapon Aircraft 18 m catapult
Seat 3
Primary weapon 4x 10 cm Type 98
Secondary weapon 22x 25 mm Type 96
Seat 4
Primary weapon 4x 10 cm Type 98
Secondary weapon 22x 25 mm Type 96
Seat 5
Primary weapon Passenger
Seat 6
Primary weapon Passenger
IJN Oyodo Kure

The IJN Ōyodo design was approved in 1939 as an enlarged and improved version of the Agano-class. It was designed to be the flagship for attack groups of submarines. Initially, plans were made for eight vessels in the class. However, only two ships were actually authorised, of which only one, Ōyodo, was laid down.

Although the same general hull design as for the Agano was adopted, the armour protection was reduced and the armament differed both in layout and weaponry:

- 6x 15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type guns
- 8x 10 cm Type 98
- 44x 25 mm Type 96

The Ōyodo-class ships were intended to be scouting cruisers and hence the entire deck of the ship aft of the superstructure was devoted to aircraft facilities including a heavy-duty 45 m catapult. In 1944 this catapult was exchanged for the shorter (18 m), standard type and the hangar converted to accommodate Fleet Headquarters staff. During this refit several 25 mm AA guns were added. This variant is also included in FHSW 0.5!

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