There is always the chance that the list is not complete! Because it is impossible to archive the armament by country.

Pistols and revolversEdit

37M FÉG 37m
Kampfpistole Big9

Rifles and carbinesEdit

FEG 35M Puska 35m

Submachine gunsEdit

39M Király 39m
43M Király 43m

Machine gunsEdit

Solothurn 31M 31m

Anti-Tank weaponsEdit

Solothurn S-18/1100 Solothurn 1100
44M Kézi 44m
Faustpatrone Faustpatrone
Panzerfaust 100 Panzerfaust 100
Panzerfaust 150 Panzerfaust 150

Incendiary weaponsEdit

36M Vécsey 36mfh
Molotov Cocktail [[File:|200px]]

Melee attack weaponsEdit

Mannlicher Bayonet 200px
Shovel Pala


Ammo supply kit Panzerfaust PanzerfaustSup

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