Heinkel He-219 "Uhu"
Heinkel He-219 "Uhu"
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Speed 585 km/u
Category Heavy Night Fighter
General Ingame Information
Debut Debut in FH Mod
Used by Germany
Guns Forward firing:
2x 30mm Mk103
2x 30mm MK108
2x 20mm MG151
Up firing (60°):2x 30mm MK108
Special abilities FuG 212 "Lichtenstein" C-1 radar set
Historical Picture
He 219 A-0

Luftwaffe night fighters JU 88 Me 110 Do 217 ME 110 HE 21905:57

Luftwaffe night fighters JU 88 Me 110 Do 217 ME 110 HE 219

The Heinkel He-219 "Uhu", German for Owl, was a heavy night fighter aircraft and it was the first German night fighter wich was specific designed for this role. Until then, Bf-110's, Ju 88's, Do 17's and Do 217's are been modified into night fighters. Ernst Heinkel relied on his former P 1064 project, a multifunctional Kampfzerstörer (Combat Fighter).

Notable features of the He 219 were beside the long hull, the double rudder and nosewheel, especially for the excellent cockpit with excellent visibility. Moreover, the He 219 was the first operational aircraft with the so-called Katapult Anlage (ejection seat). The board equipment was very modern. The device was designed for easy assembly and maintenance. Further the board equipment was very modern and the aircraft was designed for easy assembly and maintenance.

The prototype was the He 219V-1 and took his first test flight in November 1942. It proved to be a fast and easy to handle fighter. The first pre-series aircraft were delivered in 1943 and tested by Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 (NJG 1) that was stationed in Venlo in the Netherlands and in Sint-Truiden in Belgium. Major Werner Streib, shot during a fight with his He 219, five Lancaster bombers down.

Despite of his good performance, the production started very slow and this had to do with production problems (too complex design and lack of DB 603 engines), but also with a lack of political support (which was necessary in the corrupt Third Reich) and more specifically the criticism from Generalfeldmarschall Erhard Milch that preffered the Ju 88 G and the Ju 188R.

Meanwhile, Heinkel improved his night fighter, including with powerful DB 603e, L and G engines. Thus arose respectively the He 219A-5, A-6 en A-7, who hardly were built, because the new hardly available engines. However, these engines had be need it more than ever. The night fighter equipment became more powerful and therefore heavier. The performance of the He 219 began to lead below.

The ingame variant should be the Heinkel He 219 A-0 with two 20mm Mg 151 machineguns. Ingame the plane is a slow target, but a powerfull target. It fire in one shot two 20mm rounds from the Mg 151, two 30 mm rounds from the Mk103 and another two 30 mm rounds from the Mk108. Further it can fire up in a 60° angle two 30 mm rounds with the two MK108 in the roof of the plane between the two wings. This is a very rare aircraft in FHSW and can only be found on a few night maps. The picture show us the plane on Alpenfestung but this is not standard. With the FuG 212 "Lichtenstein" C-1 radar set on the noise, this can be a deadly aircraft against enemy bombers. But in a fight against fighters, this plane is a easy target!

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