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HMS Snapdragon (K10)
HMS Snapdragon
General information
Place of origin Great Britain
Category Corvette
Debut in FHSW v0.42
Class Flower-class
Sister ships HMS Bluebell
HMS Celandine
and many others
Used by Great Britain
Speed 16 kn (30 km/h)
Crew in‑game 4
Seat 1
Primary weapon 1x 10.1 cm BL 4 inch Mk.IX naval gun
Secondary weapon10 Depth Charges
Seat 2
Primary weapon 1x QF 2-pounder Mk.VIII on a Mark XVI Mount (1 Barrel)
(35 rounds)
Seat 3
Primary weapon 4x 12.7 cm Mk.III
Seat 4
Primary weapon 4x 12.7 cm Mk.III
HMS Snapdragonrezl

The HMS Snapdragon was a Flower-class corvette of the Royal Navy wich saw action during the Second World War. Laid down on Serptember 27, 1939, it was built by Smiths Dock Company at South Bank-on-Tees. She went to service on October 28, 1940. She sunk on 19 December 1942 after be bombed by the Luftwaffe northwest of Benghazi. The ship was a fast and very manoeuvrable wich it make a fast target to be hit by torpedo's.

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