HMS Lance (G87)
HMS Lance
General information
Place of origin Great Britain
Category Destroyer
Debut in FHSW 0.4
Class L-class
Sister ships HMS Laforey (G99)
HMS Gurkha (G63)
HMS Legion (G74)
HMS Lightning (G55)
HMS Lively (G40)
HMS Lookout (G32)
HMS Loyal (G15)
Used by Great Britain
Speed 36 knots (66.7 km/h)
Crew in‑game 6
Seat 1
Primary weapon 4x 10 cm QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval guns
Secondary weapon8x Depths Charges
Seat 2
Primary weapon 2x 10 cm QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval guns
Seat 3
Primary weapon 8x 53.3 cm Mk.IX Torpedo Tubes
Seat 4
Primary weapon 2x 10.2 cm QF Mk XVI
1x QF 2-pounder Mk.VIII on a Mk.VII Mount (4 Barrels)
(140 rounds)
Seat 5
Primary weapon 4x 12.7 cm QF 0.5 in Mk.III Vickers
Secondary weapon 1x 20mm Oerlikon Mk.I
Seat 6
Primary weapon 4x QF 0.5 in Mk.III Vickers
Secondary weapon 1x 20mm Oerlikon Mk.I
HMS Lance g87

The HMS Lance (G87) was on of the seven ships from the L-Class, or the Laforeys. She was built by the Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd.t at the Scottosh Scotstoun. Laid down on March1, 1939, she went in service on May 13, 1941. She was quickly damaged after been bombed by the Luftwaffe at Malta. During the repair, she was again bombed on April 5th and on April 9th of 1942. She was written off as a constructive total loss. Salvaged and towed to Britain and sold for scrap in June 1944.

Extra Weaponry Artic ConvoyEdit

On the map Artic Convoy, the ship have extra weaponry for air defence.

- 4x .303 Vickers Twin Mg
- 2x .50 Browning M2
- 2x 20mm Oerlikon Mk.I
- 2x 20mm Twin Oerlikon Mk.I

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