General Historical Information
Place of origin Soviet Union
Category Transport
Speed 90 km/h
General Ingame Information
Used by Soviet Union
Crew in‑game 4
Historical Picture

Predecessor of this car was GAZ-64, created in a record time (1 month), which had a simplified front fenders and cut-outs for access to the rear wheels, similar to Willys MB. GAZ-67 differs from the GAZ-64 with wider track. In the Red Army, these cars was sometimes called "Ivan Willis" because of similar apperance/ GAZ-67 was reliable and good quality car, steadily worked on low-quality fuels and lubricants and it can withstand large overloads and worked out the specified service life.

GAZ-67 took part in the final stage of the war (1943), when the Army has had enough the vehicles of this type, mainly the U.S. But they also have some spread and even certain popularity as traction, durable, unpretentious and cross country vehicle. The car was used as a commanders and reconnaissance vehicle. In addition, the improved GAZ-67B version, introduced in last stages of war, could carry infantry and was used to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield, and also was used as an artillery tractor for transportation of light guns.

Europe had never seen such stubborn, stout "jeep off-road", confidently standing on the ground with their wide-set wheels.

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