Flakpanzer V "Coelian"01:12

Flakpanzer V "Coelian"

Flakpanzer V "Super Coelian"
"Coelian" (Ingame name)
Flakpanzer Coelian
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Category Selfpropelled Anti-Aircraft gun
Speed 46 km/h
Main armament 1x 5.5 cm Flakzwilling Gerät 58
(300 rounds)
Coaxial weapon 2x 2cm MG151/20
(200 rounds)
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Crew in‑game 2
Ammunition Maingun: HE + APT (Random)

Secondary Guns: HE(M) + APT (Random)

Seat 29mm MP 40
(32 rounds)
Seat 3 Passenger Seat
Seat 4 Passenger Seat
Historical Picture
[[File:{{{History Picture}}}|300px]]

Mounting twin 3.7cm flak guns in an enclosed turret, the Fl of the Flakpanzer V "Coelian" was a variant of the Panther tank and was designed to deal with the increasing danger to German forces from ever-dominant Allied airpower. The design didn’t reach production as the Panther hull was too valuable as a main battle tank.
With Allied airpower all but supreme in the later years of the war, German requirements for better equipped anti-aircraft vehicles became ever more urgent. Rheinmetall-Borsig designed the Coelian – marrying a Panther ausf G hull with a fully enclosed turret mounting twin 3.7mm flak cannons. This would give the crews a larger degree of protection when taking on strafing fighters or marauding bombers. The Coelian would also be able to fire at ground targets.
Three other Flakpanzer V designs were designed. One of them was a version with four 20mm MG 151/20 guns, but it kept having to conform to revised designs based on changing government requirements (such as demands for more modern guns with longer barrels).
A second one was the version with two 8.8 cm Flak 41 guns.
The Last one is the "Super Coelian". Mostly the same Coelian design, but with a bigger closed turret and two more powerfull 5.5 cm Flakzwilling Gerät 58, a twin version from the 5.5 cm/77 (2.17") Gerät 58 . Please do not make a mistake with the Flakpanzer Panther Flakzwilling mit 5.5 cm Gerät 58 which was also a Panther design with the same guns, but with a roof open turret.
However, the design didn’t leave the drawing board due to the need to utilize all Panther hulls in their normal role – as arguably the best tank of the war.
Ingame we have the Flakpanzer V "Super Coelian", but have the name tag as the Coelian. This is a mistake by the FHSW Dev team. It is a powerfull gun wich can fire 5 rounds in 2 seconds (150 rpm) per gun! It can easy destroy light and medium tanks. 

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