The Breaking Point
The Breaking Point
General information
Date June 2, 1940
Theatre Western Front
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs France Flag of France.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Infantry tank battke
Flags Castle Ruins
Checkpoint East
Checkpoint West

Spycker, France, 2nd June, 1940. As the last days and hours of the Dunkirk defence passed and the perimeter shrank to within four miles of the city, the British turned their remaining positions over to the French forces. On the western side of the perimeter the Grossdeutschland Regiment, supported by tanks of the 9th Panzer Division hurled themselves at the defences of the 68th Division near the town of Spycker in an effort to breakthrough to the evacuation beaches on the channel.

Did You Know That?

The stationary turrets of Maginot Line can be raised or lowered using arrow keys. Note that the exposed armour of raised turret is very thin.

FHT The Breaking Point on French side28:47

FHT The Breaking Point on French side

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