Pasir Panjang
Pasir Panjang
General information
Status Active!
Date February 1942
Theatre Singapore Campaign
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs Australia Flag of Australia.svg
Game Type Conquer
(Push Map)
Style Jungle
Flags Rice Fields
Opium Hill
Point.226 Firebase
Allied Base
Pasir Panjang
Underground Commandpost
Pasir Panjang minimap

The Japanese 18th Division, well-armed and heavily supported from the air were determined to capture the Opium Hill from the British forces. The Japanese troops pressed their attack on Opium Hill in the afternoon of the 14th and Two hours later, the Japanese launched an all-out assault in great numbers. There are Five ControlPoints, hold three or more to cause your enemy to a constat ticket loss.

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