FHT Hong Hong
Hong Kong
General information
Date December 8, 1941
Theatre Pacific
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs Great Britain Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Street fight
Flags Chai Wan Road
Temple Ground
Salesian Missionary
East Brigade HQ
West Brigade HQ
Kai Tak Airport
Stanley Peninsula

Welcome to China. We are now in Hong Kong and its December 1941. Britain first began to consider Japan a threat in 1922 with the ending of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. This risk increased with the expansion of the Sino-Japanese War. On 21 October 1938 the Japanese occupied Canton, and Hong Kong was effectively surrounded. Various British Defence studies had already concluded that Hong Kong would be impossible to defend in the event of a Japanese attack, but in the mid-1930s work had begun on new defences including the Gin Drinkers' Line. By 1940, the British had determined to reduce the garrison to a symbolic scale only. The Japanese attack began shortly after 8 am on 8 December 1941 (Hong Kong local time), less than eight hours after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese achieved air superiority on the first day of battle and their bombers destroyed the RAF planes currently stationed at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport. The RAF and Air Unit personnel then fought on as ground troops. British naval vessels were ordered to leave Hong Kong for Singapore. The Commonwealth forces decided against holding the Sham Chun River, which was quickly forded by the Japanese using temporary bridges, and instead established three battalions in the Gin Drinkers' Line across the hills. These defences were rapidly breached at the Shing Mun Redoubt early on 10 December 1941. The evacuation from Kowloon started on December 11, 1941 under aerial bombardment and artillery barrage. As much as possible, military and harbour facilities were demolished before the withdrawal. By December 13, the Rajputs, the last Commonwealth troops on the mainland, had retreated to Hong Kong Island.
This map is modified and converted from the Forgotten Honor Bf1942 modification.


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