FHT Golf Hotel
Golf Hotel
General information
Date August 1944
Theatre Western Front
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs France Flag of France.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Mixed
Flags Town Centre
Main entrance
Azerbaijani camp
Golf Hotel
Control Point avenue

Peak Hour at the Golf Hotel. Hyeres, Southern France, August 1944. The anchor of the Hyeres defense was the Golf Hotel. It controlled the eastern approaches and interdicted all vehicular traffic along National Highway 98 and across the Gapeau river. The local german commander, Lieutenant Saurse, had been ordered to fight to the last man. So far, his defense had easily rebuffed a few small scale attacks by the 24th March Battalion. The 19th of August however, new orders arrived at battalion headquarters directing an assault on the Golf Hotel.

Did You Know That?

The Map Golf Hotel is a modified version of the map "Kbely Airfield" from Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII?

There are a few secret tunnels hidden in and around Golf Hotel?

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