FÉG 35M Puska
General Historical Information
Place of origin Hungary
Produced In Hungary
Type Bolt-action rifle
Rate of Fire 80rounds/min
Magazine 5-round en-block clip
internal box magazine
Ammunition 8x56R
7.92x57 IS
General Ingame Information
Used by Hungary
Bayonets Yes
35m colour

The FÉG 35M was a bolt-action rifle, chambered in 8x56R. Though superficially still resembling the 95/31M Carbine it was a new design. An easily recognizable distinguishing feature was the placement of the bolt handle, which was further forward than in the 1895 design. It was used by Hungary in the years leading up to and during World War II, and after World War II before being gradually phased out by both Red Army surplus and locally produced Mosin–Nagant carbines.

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