Elco Raft
Elco Raft
General information
Place of origin USA
Category Military Raft
Debut in FHSW Debut in Battlefield 1942
Used by USA
Crew in‑game 2

The Elco Raft is a small raft wich appears on Battlefield 1942. The Raft is an American design and it was used on ships like the Elco 103. Since his debut in Battlefield 1942, it was used on the Elco 103 (in Battlefield 1942 misnamed as the Elco 80) and on the Type 38 PT boat. When both sunk, the Raft (located on the deck) floats on the water, so the crew can rescue themself. However, only 2 people can enter the raft.
Since Battlefield 1942, the raft appears on the map Liberation of Caen. For his fast speed and small size, it can be easy be used as raft for Special Force Missions. The Raft is less found on maps, but another map then the map Liberation of Caen and the maps where the Elco 103 and the Type 38 PT boat appears, is Operation Lilliput, used by the Australians.

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